Bittered Sling Bitters | STOCKING STUFFER: Arabica Coffee Bitters
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STOCKING STUFFER: Arabica Coffee Bitters

Arabica Coffee Bitters on a wooden plate

STOCKING STUFFER: Arabica Coffee Bitters

We thought this would be a nice moment to highlight the amazing work that Shelley Bolton-Fox her team at East Van Roasters in Vancouver does within the cacao industry. East Van Roasters/Akesson Organics has been the long-time supplier for our Arabica Coffee Bitters and Malagasy Chocolate Bitters (Malagasy – a native or inhabitant of Madagascar). We are often asked about the origin of our beans and what makes them so special, and now you can learn more below:

Working with philanthropic suppliers is very important to us. Direct trade is ideal because it means that the farmers are getting more for their product. Organic means that the farmers are working in a healthier environment, and fairly traded is great if it doesn’t prove too costly for the farmer.”

THE BEANS // Location: Sambirano Valley, Ambanja District, Madagascar.
From the Akesson-Organics:” In Madagascar, we are certified “Fair for Life” by IMO. The plantation is a single living organism where we try to provide a secure working and social habitat. Food, shelter, health, security, liberty and spiritual activity are what the farm offers. For example, we converted all our estate to solar energy (GAÏA Alternative Energy) and redistributed half of the electricity to the village nearby where our employees live and supply portable solar panels to the most remote places. We provide land to our employees to be self-sufficient and grow their own rice for their families. We contribute to building schools. Finally, in a country where medical goods are not easily available, and employees easily spend up to half their revenues on medicines, we have organized to collect them in Europe and redistribute them to the plantation. All this is to be added to the best possible retribution and the integration of the whole families to our community.”

Bittered Sling Arabica Coffee Bitters: add two dashes to your builds the next time you make a Manhattan, Rum Old Fashioned, 20th Century Cocktail, Champs Elysée or Boulevardier.