Bittered Sling Bitters | BuyLocal BC
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BuyLocal BC

Bittered Sling® is thrilled to partner with the Investment Agriculture Foundation of British Columbia and the Buy Local Program. With their generous support and financial assistance, Bittered Sling® has evolved the labels and aesthetics of the physical look to the product line, built and launched a new website, provided in-store demos and tastings, and promoted BC beverage culinary culture with participation in local festivals.

In 2016 alone, the Buy Local BC Program made it possible for Bittered Sling® to make website revisions and updates: including design, accessibility, user-friendly and beautiful reflection of our rebrand, relabeling and label adjustments for all portfolio expressions, engaging new retail and bartending partners, video and visual marketing collateral and a focus on the local products and purveyors for our ingredients and partnerships. In addition, Bittered Sling® has developed and launched an e-commerce page on this new site, allowing consumers in Canada and the USA to have an additional outlet to purchase our products.

Thank you for your continued support from the Bittered Sling® team.