Bittered Sling Bitters | A Bartender’s Guide To The World
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A Bartender’s Guide To The World

A Bartender's Guide to the World Book Cover

Transport your glass around the globe with more than 75 cocktail recipes from one of the world’s premier bartenders and Bittered Sling co-founder Lauren Mote.



Grab your glass, and let’s go!


“For over 20 years, I have tended bars and travelled the world, often as one of the very few women in a male-dominated industry. I’ve developed cocktail recipes, sought out new ingredients, and gathered stories along the way. In my first book, I’m inviting readers and home bartenders to pack their suitcases and come with me on an international cocktail adventure.


In the book, once you’ve gotten a handle on the basics of bartending and gathered your cocktail shaker along with a few other pieces of equipment, you’ll be raising your glass with me in no time. My recipes are organized by their star ingredients, such as agave, gin, whiskey, rum, vodka, and more. Every drink is given its own designation of standard, mid, low, or zero proof, and you’ll find a whole chapter on zero-proof cocktails because I’m passionate that all drinks should be prepared with care, whether they include alcohol or not. Once you’ve narrowed down the base that you’re in the mood for, let a great story & cocktail to match continue to guide you. In each chapter, you’ll find a collection of Mise en Place Recipes to help you build up your home bar’s essential ingredients and make the drinks along with me.


I’m so thrilled that Bittered Sling co-founder Chef Jonathan Chovancek (who moonlights as a pro photographer) captured all the stunning images. A Bartender’s Guide to the World is as much a pleasure to read, as it was to write, and for you, as it is to imbibe from.” – Lauren Mote.

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Agave Daiguirita
Vodka Seven Mile Mule
Vokda Cosmonauts


A well-stamped passport of a debut, with every cocktail inspired by Lauren’s travels and grounded in an evocative sense of place, that reads like a spirited collection of transportive short stories.

—BRAD THOMAS PARSONS, author of Bitters, Amaro, and Last Call

A Bartender’s Guide to the World shares bar secrets that have never been documented, techniques and tips learned behind the best bar counters in the world. It’s the story of a woman in a masculine environment who reaches the top. Her resulting cocktails are full of fun, science, and passion.

—CHEF MANU BUFFARA, Restaurante Manu, Brazil

Lauren Mote has traveled the globe inspiring bartenders and drinkers alike. Her book is full of unique cocktails and exciting stories of the people she has connected with and the drinks they have shared. Get out your passport and prepare for a trip around the world in your glass.

—JULIE REINER, author of The Craft Cocktail Party: Delicious Drinks for Every Occasion

Lauren Mote has been a shining example of innovation in the cocktail and spirits industry for years. This book will certainly become a must-have for cocktail enthusiasts and professionals alike, and deserves a permanent place in the pantheon of notable cocktail books.

—JENNIFER AKIN, rum authority and world-renowned bartender of Rumba

Travel is a wonderful way to explore cultures and flavors, and to expand your drinking repertoire. Here, Lauren calls on her experiences to guide readers through her inspiration and share insight into places to explore for yourself, or to recreate at home.

—RYAN CHETIYAWARDANA, author of Good Together: Drink & Feast with Mr Lyan & Friends