Bittered Sling Bitters | Clingstone Peach
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Clingstone Peach

Clingstone Peach Bitters

Clingstone Peach

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Notes of dried and roasted hot chilies, black and green pepper, almond and peach. Tasting Notes: dried and roasted hot chilies, black and green pepper, almond and peach. Our clingstone peaches are proudly grown and harvested in BC.


Beverage recommendations:
 Fresh herbs, teas, white spirits, whisk(e)y and rum, Tequila and mezcal, coconut, Tiki, sake, dry vermouth and other aromatized wines, sherry, Cognac, sparkling water & wine, egg white sours.


Cooking recommendations: 
Replace vanilla extract in 
blonde & chocolate cakes, dessert sauces, cookies and shortbreads. A great finish for a hollandaise sauce and makes a killer marinade for chicken, vegetables, fish and shellfish.  Amazing paired with coconut and tropical fruit.

Nutritional Facts

30 mL Bottles
120 mL Bottles