Bittered Sling Bitters | Treat Your Shelves
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Treat Your Shelves

Treat Your Shelves Cocktail

Treat Your Shelves

During the holidays, it’s nice to support specialty shops that carry some items for a second home – like vintage books. Nothing better than curling up with a great book, especially one that smells old. Consider regifting some of those old books with love in your home or find a special title and edition for someone who’d really appreciate it. We love thoughtful gifts like this. This is a perfect drink to enjoy alongside a new (or vintage) story. For a low proof version, sub in Dry Vermouth for the Gin.

1.00 oz | 30 ml Tanqueray No. TEN Gin
1.00 oz | 30 ml Tawny Port
0.50 oz | 15 ml Orange Curacao
1.00 oz | 30 ml Thyme & Orange Shrub*
2 dashes Bittered Sling Orange & Juniper Bitters
Orange peel, for garnish.

Add the gin, port, curacao, shrub and bitters to a mixing glass with ice. Stir until chilled and diluted – about 15 rotations. Strain into a heavy rocks glass, and finish by expressing the oils from an orange peel and drop into the glass.

*Thyme & Orange Shrub
250 ml water
6 sprigs thyme
Peels of one orange
255 g white sugar
100 g apple vinegar
4 g citric acid powder
Bring the water to a boil, add the orange and thyme and shut off. Allow to cool completely. Once cool, add the remaining ingredients, and whisk until combined. Strain out all solids. Add to a clean bottle, cover, add a date label. Store in the cooler and use within 10 days. You can use this in the cocktail recipe or add over ice to sparkling water.