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New Company Appointments

New Company Appointments

Bittered Sling welcomes Chantelle Gabino & Léa Messier to the team

Bittered Sling is delighted to welcome Chantelle Gabino (Toronto) and LéaMessier F. (Montreal) to the wider Canadian event, sales & marketing team. Both Chantelle and Léa – who are exceptional bartenders – will help to curate Bittered Sling’s ongoing hospitality and beverage programming across Eastern Canada, and act as a point of contact for sales and marketing opportunities for bartenders and customers in those areas.

Find out how Chantelle and Léa can help you – learn more about their backgrounds, and how to get in touch.

Chantelle Gabino
@chantigabino |

Chantelle is a born and raised Canadian bartender with over 7 years of experience behind a bar, and over a decade in the hospitality industry. Chantelle utilizes her long standing love of food & drink in order to create beautifully balanced and creative cocktail recipes, lasting impressions, and hospitable experiences for any setting. With a thirst for expressing both her passion and creativity in any project she tackles, she is always excited to take on a new challenge . As the former GM and Beverage Director for Parts & Labour in Toronto, National winner of Bombay Sapphire’s “Most Imaginative Bartender of 2016” and Bittered Sling Ambassador, she has been able to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience from all over the globe. Reconnecting with her roots of growing up in West Coast on the Pacific ocean, in the mountains as well as in the lush forests of British Columbia, her recent projects incorporate incentives to embrace sustainability, as well as ingredients and practices aimed at showcasing what mother nature has to offer.

Léa Messier F.
@leamessier |

Self-taught in the making of artisanal cocktails, Léa Messier has been collaborating with some of the biggest names in the Canadian industry since 2012. Since 2013, she has also written a monthly column in the magazine “Québec Scope”, a publication dedicated to cultural and restaurant activities.

After working for two years for the national mixology competition Made With Love, she decided to join forces with her partner, Manny Vides Jr, to create their company, “Jedi Cocktail”. With tremendous bar-business skills, the couple now works in the field, providing specialized products and services to businesses, including the creation of Point of Sale marketing materials, program development – consultation and bar management, personnel training, syrup and modifier development, and corporate and private event organization. Léa is also a Bittered Sling Ambassador.

With a love for people, Léa loves to analyze the person in front of her to make sure she understands their tastes and gives her guests the best experience. Her greatest inspiration, the “Great American Songbook” repertoire.