Bittered Sling Bitters | Bittered Sling Bitters in the News
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Bittered Sling Bitters in the News

Bittered Sling Bitters in the News

TelusOptikTV ‘Eats’

Bittered Sling Co-Proprietor Lauren Mote was recently featured in an episode of EATS on Telus OptikLocal TV. The crew caught up with Lauren at UVA Wine & Cocktail Bar as she dished about the secret to a great cocktail (bitters, of course!) as well as Bittered Sling’s recent accolades. Watch the clip, above.

Business in Vancouver

Lauren and partner Jonathan Chovancek were spotlighted in Business in Vancouver’s “How I Did It” column, which focuses on successful entrepreneurs. Read the feature here.

BC Business Magazine

BC Business featured Lauren and Jonathan in a special section that focused on the accelerated growth of the Bittered Sling brand, and how the duo took their small business in a new direction. Read all about Bittered Sling’s “big play” here.

The Globe and Mail

Vancouver brunch institution Café Medina, where Jonathan is Executive Chef, recently received high praise in a review from Alexandra Gill published in The Globe and Mail. Read the review here (and watch out for a mention of Bittered Sling, too). Bravo, Chef Jonathan!