Bittered Sling Bitters | Gift Pack
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Gift Pack

Gift Pack

Gift Pack 3.0

Our Gift Pack 3.0 — which contains six 30-mL bottles of its most popular and versatile bitters — trades our former apothecary design aesthetic for a new look that blends the colour, symmetrical balance and design elements of the turn-of-the-century Belle Époque era when cocktail culture came of age, along with Machine-Age touches inspired by the Art Deco movement of 1920-’40.


The collection also makes way for two new flavours, as Kensington Dry Aromatic and Malagasy Chocolate — both of which garnered gold medals at the Beverage Testing Institute’s 2014 International Review of Spirits in Chicago — take their place alongside Lem-Marrakech, Moondog, Grapefruit & Hops and Plum & Rootbeer. The latter two flavours also scored silver medals for Bittered Sling at the 2014 International Review of Spirits.

*shipping available across BC
**shipping available across Canada
***shipping available across US


BYOB Cocktail Emporium, Toronto, ON**
The Crafty Bartender, Toronto, ON**
Crate & Barrel, Canada-wide**
The Gourmet Warehouse, Vancouver, BC**
HALF FULL Glassware & Accessories, Ottawa, ON**
The Modern Bartender, Vancouver, BC**
Okanagan Spirits, Okanagan Valley, BC**
Qualifirst Foods Ltd., Canada-wide**
South China Seas, Vancouver, BC**

British Columbia

Beast & Brine, Surrey, BC
Cascadia Liquor
, Comox Valley, BC
Central City Brewers + Distillers, Surrey, BC
Charelli’s Cheese Shop and Delicatessen, Victoria, BC
Chef’s Edge, Kelowna, BC
Darby’s Liquor Store, Vancouver, BC
Dirty Apron, Vancouver, BC
Edible Canada at the Market, Vancouver, BC
The Gourmet Warehouse, Vancouver, BC**
Hastings Liquor Store, Vancouver, BC
Legacy Liquor Store, Vancouver, BC*
Le Marche St. George, Vancouver, BC
Long Table Distillery, Vancouver, BC
The Modern Bartender, Vancouver, BC**
O5 Tea Bar, Vancouver, BC
Okanagan Spirits, Okanagan Valley, BC**
Sips Cocktail Emporium, Vancouver, BC
South China Seas, Vancouver, BC**
UVA Wine & Cocktail Bar, Vancouver, BC
Viti Wine and Lager, Vancouver, BC
Welk’s General Store, Vancouver, BC
Well Seasoned, Langley, BC
west elm MARKET, Vancouver, BC
Wayward Distillation House, Courtenay, BC





Alambika, Montreal, QC (ships anywhere within Quebec)
Cafe La Tazza, Verdun, QC
Les Douceurs du Marché, Montreal, QC


Binny’s Beverage Depot (various locations), Chicago, IL
Blue Grass Beverages, Hendersonville, TN
Calandro’s Supermarkets, Baton Rouge, LA
Kamehachi, Chicago, IL
Under the Lamppost Antiques & Gifts, Baton Rouge, LA
The Meadow, New York, NY***
The Meadow, Portland, OR***
Napa Valley Distillery, Napa, CA***
Pear Delicatessen, Seattle, WA
Sugar Pill, Seattle, WA