Bittered Sling Bitters | Zero Proof Cocktail: Virgin Egg Nogg

Zero Proof Cocktail: Virgin Egg Nogg

Zero Proof Cocktail: Virgin Egg Nogg


0.75 oz Maple Syrup
1 whole egg (organic, cold, fresh)
1.00 oz Heavy Cream 35% MF
2 dashes Bittered Sling Moondog Extract


Shake all ingredients vigorously without ice, then add the ice to the emulsified cocktail, shake again for at least 5-7 seconds hard. Double strain using a tea strainer into a chilled glass of your choice! Top with freshly grated nutmeg.

Making this in larger quantities is easy! Multiply the ingredient by the number of guests, and remember – one whole egg is enough for two people when making larger batches! Add all the ingredients to a blender, whip until smooth, and put into the fridge until serving.